Fairway Is The Best Mortgage Company For Your New Home!

 The good news continues!

Be sure to see the article from The Charlotte Business Journal titled “Double-digit increases continue for metro Charlotte’s residential real estate market”. You will be glad to read stats like closings being up 23% from last December as well as confirmation that the market is recovering due to 11 months of positive growth.  Average sale prices have increased by almost 8% and pending sales are up 33%. For more on this article, be sure to click here.

Why should you work with Fairway? That’s a great question, but let us start by asking you a few.

  1. How often to you call the loan officer you are working with and receive no reply?
  2. Have you had clients who get upset when you don’t have their loan information?
  3. Ever been left at the table without a loan packet?
  4. What has your lending partner done for YOU lately?

Here is what we offer at Fairway:

  • We are going to give you a fast and accurate YES or a “NOT YET”
  • If your buyer is not ready, we will work closely with them to create a simple plan to turn a “NOT YET” into a PRE-APPROVAL; and then we will send them back to you… ready to go
  • Once the loan is in process, we communicate closely with you and the buyer to share milestone updates along the way
  • We have several options since we are not stuck with one lender
  • We process, underwrite and fund loans locally… so no waiting
  • We send the wire the day prior to closing
  • After closing, we link to your website on our site and social media to promote YOUR business

Make one of your resolutions this year to work with a company who cares about your business, your clients and a working relationship with YOU! At Fairway Mortgage of the Carolinas, we never stop working for you!


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