Built by Loan Officers for Loan Officers

As a mortgage professional, you have a lot of choices about where to work. You could choose to stand alone against the world (and the Fed, HUD, Wall Street, and Barney Frank) as an independent mortgage broker, or you could choose the anonymity of being one of ten thousand retail loan officers at a mega bank and not even need a license to practice.

Fairway Independent Mortgage in Charlotte is different. Steve Jacobs0n, the founder and CEO of Fairway, was a “monster” producer before he started Fairway. Helping loan officers succeed is in his DNA – and he built that throughout the company. Everything at Fairway is about how we can do things faster, and focused on the loan officer’s success.

Regional Manager in Charlotte, Tom Tousignant built this branch to allow loan officers to double or triple their production while working fewer hours. Whether you look at our technology or our operations staff and systems, you will see streamlined, common-sense ways to get answers fast and get loans closed even faster.

A Great Place for Great People to Work

Our goal at Fairway Independent Mortgage in Charlotte is to create “A Great Place for Great People to Work.” We are doing this with:

Streamlined, Local Processing Local, Dedicated, Consistent, In-House Underwriters Funding Our Loans Locally Getting Closing Packages to Attorneys on Time Wiring the Funds the Day Prior to Closing The Best Technology and Systems

The greatest call you can make in this business is to a top-producing listing agent with a script like this:

"Hi, I am the Mortgage Professional doing the loan for your listing at 123 Oak Street that is closing tomorrow. I just wanted to let you know that the HUD was completed three days ago and we have already wired the money for tomorrow's closing to the attorney. All we need now is for the seller to bring in the keys when they sign the paperwork tomorrow."

We have, and always will have the best technology in the industry. Whether that is our customized database software that helps our loan officers convert more leads to applications, or our loan origination software that is backed by 15 full-time IT professionals at the corporate office, our loan officers will be able to communicate clearer and faster with their clients and referral partners.

The latest technology will allow you to close more loans in less time, so that you can spend more time building new relationships, catching up with old ones, or spending more time at home with the important people in your life.

Call Tom today to learn more – maybe Fairway is the right place for you at this point in your career. With Tom, you can have a confidential conversation, and if Fairway isn’t right for you – no big deal and no hard feelings. But, if Fairway is a place where you can grow your production and work fewer hours with less stress, don’t you owe it to yourself and to the important people in your life to find out?

Call Tom directly at 704-541-1171 to learn more and schedule a confidential tour of our office to see why we are a Great Place for Great People to Work.