Business Advantages

Coaching works!

Loan Officers at Fairway get half of their coaching cost paid by Fairway as part of their compensation.

Regional manager of Fairway, Tom Tousingnant works out with a trainer. Every year, when the PGA is in town, there will be several PGA golfers in the gym with him. He says, “It is pretty cool to work out alongside some world-class athletes when they are in town. We all do different exercises, but we all have one thing in common – each person in there has a coach.”

Do you have a coach for what you are doing? If world-class athletes have coaches – maybe world-class Mortgage Professionals need coaches, too.

Tom coached with Building Champions for two years. During that time, his production increased by 60% and he took more time off.

At Fairway, we have a coaching culture – the best people are still learning to stay the best. We believe in coaching and the value it provides. Call Tom at 704-541-1171 to learn more or to talk about what coaching can do for you.