Communication Specialists

Communication Specialists

How much time do you spend each day reading and responding to emails? If you are like most of us, chances are that you wish it were much less of your time. At Fairway Independent Mortgage, we have pioneered a content management system that takes much of the burden off the communications needed between clients and mortgage planners. We call our system “Profitz” and it pairs perfectly with Encompass to make your life a lot easier.

From the moment you make a connection, Profitz can take over. Should you meet someone interested in a refinance, simply enter his or her contact information and let the CRM do all the work for you. If you have a couple who is a year away from being able to afford their first home, simply start them on our Path2Buy program, which will give them excellent tips and help to get on the road to buying. From follow-up emails to full campaigns, our CRM takes all the work off your shoulders.

Once the loan is in process, emails automatically are sent at each step of the verification and approval process. You won’t have to call back and forth or email, because a copy of the email sent to your client is also sent to you. There are also emails that are sent to the buyer’s and seller’s agents, keeping them in the loop and saving you time.

Once the loan is closed, the CRM will ask for feedback and prompt them to leave a Google review for you. The reviews are used on our website, as well. You might think that’s enough, but the CRM also reminds you each year to touch base with your client.

Let Fairway Independent Mortgage show you how easy it can be to do business in the digital age. Your daily workload will be lighter, which will make it easier to start more loans, thus increasing the time you can spend on building your business. We know you will love how easy Fairway makes lending. Be sure to check out our Google reviews to see what customers think about our excellent communications and call today for an interview!