Management that supports YOU

At Fairway Independent Mortgage, our local “non-producing” management team’s main objectives are to help you with your database, answer your questions, and coach the best out of you. Very few of our competitors offer local management, or if they do, they are competing with you for loans. Our management team’s complete focus is on YOU and making your business plan successful.

We have two experienced, successful managers with years of experience that are here to coach and support you daily. They are never too bogged down with their own pipeline to worry about you.

Tom TousignantTom Tousignant, our Regional Managing Partner, has been a top producing LO. His commitment to innovative coaching along with his dedication to the newest technology makes him unmatched in the industry. Under his management, our region is 4th in the country for Fairway and our team doubled its production last year. Click here to read what his employees are saying about him!


Hannah HeasletHannah Heaslet, our local Operations Managers, is one of our secret weapons to give the BEST support to our LO’s. Our Sales Team has the utmost respect for her. Hannah is highly respected by corporate and receives extra attention based on that relationship and respect. Hannah has but together a top-notch Operations Group that knows supporting the Sales Team is our key to success.


There are many tools to assist you with transition of your database and informing your customers that you have moved in order to expedite you picking up your pipeline. We make it easy to have the career you have always wanted.