Speedy Processing

Speed demons

For mortgage planners, the nightmare of having a Realtor and buyers at the table with no funding is the one that keeps them up at night. Fortunately at Fairway Independent Mortgage, our closing packets are sent to the attorney’s office an average of 3.5 days before closing that it takes all of the stress out of the equation. Our level of service due to our outstanding operations team and the culture creates Fairway’s success.

It Begins with Loan Set Up

  • Local loan set up speeds up the ordering of the appraisal, transcripts, title, insurance, payoffs and verifications
  • With Fairway’s loan set up support, it removes the need for paying for your own assistant
  • Our set up team orders all the support documentation within 24 hours of you turning in your loan
  • Our set up team assists the loan officers in changes of circumstances and re-disclosing
  • Appraisals can be ordered before the loan is turned in as well as 4506T reviews on rush files
  • Our Set Up Team assists our Loan Officers in Advertising Loan Files which saves them time to focus on new prospects

Processing Faster

  • Our local processors work extremely well with our sales teams to get their loans closed FAST with limited conditions
  • Several loans are 1 Touch Clear to Close
  • Processing is one of the most important steps to a smooth closing and happy customers, local processing is a must
  • Our processors are trained to empathize and understand what the loan officer’s job entails with a positive attitude
  • Loan officer/processing relationships at Fairway are built on mutual respect and gratitude
  • The Charlotte/LKN processing team is very well respected by corporate underwriting because of the amount of files that only require one underwriting touch
  • Underwriters are local and understand the NC market and property requirements for review of appraisals
  • Closing agents constantly compliment the completeness and easy to review closing packages we deliver as it makes their job easier

Wouldn’t you like to work with the best in the business? Over 15% of our loans are 1 touch approved with no conditions in as little as 2 days. Last year, we averaged less than 3 conditions on every file! That should demonstrate the strength and skill of our Ops Team, the knowledge of our Underwriters, and it will leave you with a lot less work to do. You can focus on further building your business – not chasing needless conditions on good files. Call today for your interview!