Why Fairway

Imagine a Different Place to Work

We have all had jobs where it felt like each day was longer than the one before. It’s hard to work for a company when you count down the minutes to Friday and spend your weekend dreading Monday. Maybe you are in a job like that right now, but you deserve to work somewhere that people look forward to heading in the office. You deserve to work for a company like Fairway Independent Mortgage.

Our company culture is built around the idea that a good team makes all the difference. We have hired the best operations team you will find in the industry to support your loans, answer your questions and give you quick answers. We have a sales manager on hand to answer your questions and help you fight for the loans you believe in. Our marketing team is always seeking new ways to build your business through branding, training and events, as well.

At Fairway, we believe that each member of the team is important. We give you all of the tools and resources to be successful while giving you the space to work from home or in the office. We firmly believe in sales and business coaching, continuing education, and marketing seminars that will help you build your business.

But more than that, Fairway Mortgage of the Carolinas is a family. We care about each other and our customers. There is none of the cutthroat competition you find at other companies. Our mortgage planners support one another because they feel supported by our staff and the management. We are involved in the community, volunteer with local charities, and celebrate holidays and achievements.

We have a very low turnover rate because once people experience the difference that working for a company like Fairway Independent Mortgage can make, they do not leave. Call today to schedule an appointment to talk with us, see our offices, and find the support and office environment that you have always hoped is possible.