Big Company

Go BIG or Go Home

There is a tremendous advantage to working for a large company in today’s lending environment. In 2012, Fairway Independent Mortgage funded $6 BILLION in loans. We are one of the top ten lenders in the country and a very large percentage of that $6 BILLION are purchases. We are big enough to get noticed by our investors, but small enough to move fast and respond to our customers and loan officers. That’s stability you can bank on.

While it’s not in our nature to brag about our numbers, there certainly are numbers to consider when choosing where to work. Fairway ranked #9 with delivery of closing loan correspondent channel for Wells Fargo and # 7 with Chase Correspondent. Plus, our investors and agencies have incredible reputations and high-quality ratings. 

Fairway is not a bank – we are a lender. Compared to our competition, we have one of the highest WareHouse lending capacities you will find. We support a paperless work environment with Encompass Banker that streamlines our process, making us more efficient than the majority of our competition.

With Fairway, we have a variety of options when searching for rates and multiple lenders with whom to work. That’s the key component to having the national strength and security of a large company with the responsiveness of a local company. We can be focused on world-class residential home loans – nothing else.

We also have two great marketing teams to support the company on a national level (though we pride ourselves on the talent of our local team, as well). FairwayMyWay is a customizable print and collateral platform that allows you to have great mailing pieces and gifts at your fingertips.

Our CRM for email campaigns is state-of-the-art and does the work for you. Gone are the days of follow-up emails because you can just plug and go! Allow our email campaigns to support your sales goals. Our website is easy to navigate and showcases our products and the latest news for your clients.

Between the competitive pricing, owning our own appraisal system with a local and national database and the technical support we offer, Fairway is a fantastic place to work. We have the strength of a large company and maintain our small company feeling. Call us today to talk about changing the way you think about working in the mortgage industry.