Core Convictions

Trust  –  Benefit  –  Learning

Trust: We will always act in a manner that is trustworthy, and recognize the special trust our clients place in us regarding their home financing and the trust our business partners place in us.

Benefit: Our clients and business partners will always benefit from working for us. We go the extra mile to ensure the best level of service and advice, and our clients are better off having chosen to work with us over any other mortgage company. The benefit received by our stakeholders (clients, those who refer clients to us, and employees) is always greater by working with us than with any other branch.

Learning (Improvement): We will never stagnate or arrive. Our branch is one of continuous improvement where process improvement, continuing education, and personal development is encouraged and expected. We educate our clients and referral partners to help them make the best, fully informed decisions regarding their home financing.

Trust – Benefit – Learning. These convictions have helped us thrive during the last 4 years of the ‘Mortgage Meltdown.’  While hundreds of companies have closed, and thousands of loan officers found new jobs in other fields, we have continued to grow and to help our clients get ahead financially.

Our Charlotte branch exists to back up these convictions with the highest levels of service and cooperation, shown by consistent, informative communication with clients and their advisers, along with accurate paperwork delivered with the best technology available. We make the home loan and mortgage process stress free for our clients. Our commitment is to close home loans on time, under budget, with no surprises.