Steve Jacobson, CEO of Fairway

CEO, Steve Jacobson, visits Fairway of the Carolinas

Steve Jacobson, CEOHere in Charlotte, we were thrilled to hear that Fairway Independent Mortgage CEO, Steve Jacobson, was going to be making a late May visit before our annual meeting in Wisconsin. “Jake” founded Fairway Independent Mortgage in 1996,, and is still involved minute by minute. He came down to discuss the CFPB (Consumer Finance Protection Bureau), which will be regulating mortgage lenders to make sure consumers are treated fairly.

At Fairway, we are preparing for their eventual audit, but we are not concerned about how how this will impact our company. You see, we treat people fairly everyday, so it won’t change the way that we do business. Fair Lending is a very important issue to us and Steve was kind enough to take the time to come to Charlotte to discuss what our company is doing now and what our plans for the future are.

Regional manager, Tom Tousingnant and other managers for local Fairway offices took Steve to the famous Mac’s Speed Shop to enjoy some Carolina barbeque before heading to the South Charlotte Elevation Church to speak to the staff of the Fairway of the Carolinas’ offices. It certainly isn’t everyday when a CEO takes the first 20 minutes to get to know each and every person personally, but Steve knows his company is only as good as each person who works for him. His pride in what Fairway accomplishes is as evident as his care and concern for every member of his team.

Feedback from our Charlotte team:

Steve Jacobson, CEO

Tom said, “It was great for our whole team to spend an afternoon with our CEO. To see and hear Steve’s passion for Fairway and the industry, and see his focus on staying ahead of the changes in the industry is a real confidence builder for all of us. We know that Fairway Corporately “has our backs,” and this allows us to focus on helping our clients and referral partners without worrying about the back office. Steve is on our side and our secret weapon for success!”

Our loan officers were impressed with Steve’s personality and support of his team. Rick Melville, said, “Jake is great to see in person, because he’s successfully done our jobs. He built Fairway to provide fantastic support to the Loan Officers, and consequently our customers, because he knows that’s how you succeed in our world. He’s real, he’s passionate, he’s smart and strategic.”

Ken Land agreed. “Steve’s visit yesterday just further supports that we work for the best mortgage company in the industry! I always feel very motivated after hearing Steve talk since he speaks ‘Loan Officer’ on tough topics and makes you feel good about how we are positioned to handle the challenges and ever-changing industry.”

Said Tony Garshink, “I have never had a CEO that was so down to earth, and that is so in touch with our clients’ needs. Jake has such a refreshing approach. Keep our clients First!! Revolutionary.”

Jenny Stoner added, “It’s pretty amazing when you hear your CEO say ‘Production is a personal decision. We’re never going to decide for you at a corporate level how much you should produce. Here, it’s Faith, Family, Fairway; in that order.’ Incredible to hear. I’ll follow a man that like any day!”

Kim Venable agreed, “How awesome to work for a company that feels like family and has the right values!”