How to Choose a Realtor

Why do buyers need a Charlotte real estate agent?
There are several reasons!

1. The right agent can make all the difference.

Real estate agents know Charlotte and the surrounding areas. They know the best schools, the best areas, and where the pockets of growth are. They understand where property taxes are higher or lower and can listen to a buyer’s needs and give their best advice.

2. Agents know pricing.

Real estate agents do not set the prices, but they do guide sellers to make the best possible decision. When selling a house, agents can weigh out comps in the area and give advice regarding inventory. For buyers, Realtors can determine what the right price to offer may be for a home based on a variety of information such as how long a house has been on the market and the cost per foot of neighboring homes.

3. Agents love the processes.

From the massive piles of paperwork needed to buy a home to a deep understanding of all the disclosure forms and laws, real estate agents know their business.

4. Agents have great teams around them.

Any experienced, respected real estate agent in or around Charlotte will have lawyers that they trust completely, lenders that they know will respect and assist their buyers in every way, and a team of skilled contractors and service providers on whom they rely. A good agent will have a solution to any problem that may stand in the way of their buyer’s home.

5. Agents make it easy on their buyers.

From paperwork to coordinating the showings, a real estate agent can streamline the home-buying process. They will comb the listings to find houses worth seeing and set up appointments around their buyer’s schedule. When it comes to negotiating the deal, a real estate agent will know exactly how to present your offer, as well as professionally close the deal.

The real estate and mortgage industries depend on referrals for continued business; therefore, any real estate agent worth their salt will work diligently to leave every client with the best possible experience. It is our hope that agents in and around Charlotte always trust their clients in our capable hands. At Fairway Independent Mortgage, taking care of relationships and assisting people in making the right lending choices are what we do.

The past five years in the industry has taught us that knowing the best real estate information combined with good lending practices are the fundamentals of steering the housing market back on track. Buying a new home can be quite emotional, balancing the excitement of a new home with the worry that may occur while making a larger purchase. With today’s lower home mortgage loan interest rates, right now is one of the best times to consider all of your home buying and selling options.

Whether you are purchasing a new home or looking to refinance your current home, you can trust Fairway Independent Mortgage of the Carolinas to make your home loan as stress free as possible. Call one of our six local offices today to start the process or schedule an appointment with one of our talented mortgage planners to look at your financial goals. They will help you make the best home loan decision or show you the path toward ownership. Call us anytime. We have locations in Matthews, Charlotte, Lake Norman, Ballantyne, Union County, and Cotswold to make meeting convenient, or simply fill out our online application to get started.