Moving to Lake Norman

7 reasons why you will love Lake Norman

  1. Lake Norman offers wonderful year-round weather and a large amount of leisure activities, including fishing, sailing, water skiing, jet skiing, boating, dinner cruises, and much more!
  2. There are beautiful year-round and well-maintained golf courses, from high-end private clubs (i.e., Donald Trump’s Trump National Golf Club) to several great public courses.
  3. Lake Norman offers around 130 restaurants, several wineries, spas, local farmers’ markets, boutiques, yacht and country clubs, and the well-known Birkdale Village Shopping Center.
  4. As Charlotte is known for NASCAR, Lake Norman is home to many of the NASCAR teams, race shops, and several racing facilities.
  5. Lake Norman offers good schooling, a great reputation, and low crime rates.
  6. Lake Norman is only 15 miles north of Charlotte and is very close to other popular destinations such as Asheville, Boone, and the infamous Carolina Mountains.
  7. Finally, Lake Norman sports a wide array of housing options. Real estate prices range from $200,000 to the millions – people from all socioeconomic stratas can find something that matches their taste and budget.

The largest man-made lake in the Carolinas

Created in 1963 by Duke Energy, Lake Norman is the largest man-made lake in the Carolinas stretching 34 miles long with just over 520 miles of shoreline. Located only 20 minutes north of Uptown Charlotte, Lake Norman has become a leading place for relocation. With all that Lake Norman has to offer, it doesn’t surprise us!

Lake Norman might be considered “small town” but it comes with all of the facilities you can imagine! Visit Lake Norman’s website for things to do, places to go, and sights to see all in Lake Norman.