Moving to Weddington

Part of the Sandy Ridge Township, Weddington is a town in Union County, North Carolina. Though a small portion of the town extends into Mecklenburg County, the town’s center is located at the intersection of Providence Road and NC 84. The Town of Weddington is located in the northwestern corner of Union County, NC, approximately 15 miles southeast of the City of Charlotte and 14 miles northwest of downtown Monroe. Once home to fertile farmland, Weddingtown was no stranger to the surrounding growth and soon farming equipment was replaced by SUV’s.

Weddington currently has a population of 9,514 and the Town consists almost entirely of single-family homes on lots of one acre or more. The Town’s only commercial area is located in the vicinity of NC 16 and NC 84 and is referred to as the Town Center. Since its inception, Weddington residents have maintained the large-lot, single-family nature of the town. Most lots are one acre or more in size. Proximity to South Charlotte and the minimum acre lot requirement have created a town of upscale developments. Many of the neighborhoods are very private, as the large lots allow for the preservation of wooded areas.

The town holds that even with new growth, something was different in Weddington, and residents were proud of their rural atmosphere and “down home” feel. The leaders of the community wanted to ensure the things that made Weddington unique were preserved for the future. Though much has progressed in Weddington since 1983, the town remains committed to keeping the spirit and character of Weddington alive for those who are there today.