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Our Realtor Partnerships Are Key

When a customer is ready to buy a home, they need to locate the perfect house and ensure that they can afford it. We want to be the other half of that partnership with you. Fairway is committed to creating lasting, trusted relationships with Realtors in the Carolinas, especially here in Charlotte. Unlike other mortgage companies, our goal is to provide you and our customers with a simple, stress-free closing that leaves amazing impressions. When is the last time you worked with a mortgage company that was as committed to your clients as you are?

What can Realtors expect from Fairway Mortgage?

  • We are going to give you a fast and accurate YES or a “NOT YET”
  • If your buyer is not ready, we will work closely with them to create a simple plan to turn a “NOT YET” into a PRE-APPROVAL, and then we will send them back to you . . . ready to go
  • Once the loan is in process, we communicate closely with you and the buyer to share milestone updates along the way
  • We have several options since we are not stuck with one lender
  • We process, underwrite and fund loans locally . . . so no waiting
  • We send the wire the day prior to closing
  • After closing, we link to your website on our site and social media to promote YOUR business
  • We are the only company that promises our pre-approval

Our pledge to real estate agents is simple – expect a non-eventful closing when you work with Fairway. We will communicate with you at all times and celebrate the closing through our digital reach. Sign up for our RSS feed, and every Friday you will see us showcase the talented business partners we worked with that week. Click here for an example. We also provide the latest in real estate news on our Monday Realtor Reviews.

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