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About Charity Boswell

Charity Boswell loves life and promoting change! She is committed to helping others with her service to the community. She serves as a ministry leader for the Refuge Addictions Ministry at Port City Community Church. Her service includes organizing the host team, welcoming new attendees, kiosk check-in, Women’s small group leader, and all around investing in this ministry inside as well as outside of the Refuge.


Family is the most important to invest in as we are the key to each other’s success! I have been married for 2 years to my husband Jonathan. We brought 2 boys (Armando-19 years old/Kashir-17 years old) and 2 girls (Kaydence-10 years old/Helena-8 years old) from our previous marriages. We love pouring into their lives and watching their individual growth. We are blessed to have such responsibility.


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I previously worked inside sales for a Real Estate company before being introduced to Fairway Independent Mortgage. I have now been employed with Fairway Independent Mortgage for 15 months now and thriving! I am a swift learner, a persistent hard worker with consistent follow through. I love this company and how they foster growth for their employees.


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