Jane Estes

Jane's dynamic expertise is a unique blend of experience within the industry that few people can claim.

Jane Estes
Military Mortgage Specialist Sr. Mortgage Planner

NMLS# 70751

States Licensed



Certified Path2Buy Coach

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Registered with NMLS (National Mortgage Licensing System)

About Jane Estes

Jane’s dynamic expertise is a unique blend of experience within the industry that few people can claim. She not only understands the responsibilities of a Sr. Loan Consultant but also possesses the skills associated with processing and underwriting. This unique combination of skill and experience is why Jane has enjoyed tremendous success with Realtors, financial professionals and borrowers.


Though born in Michigan, Jane has lived in multiple areas of the country before coming “home” to North Carolina 25 years ago as a single mother. She completely immersed herself in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry and has made a career that she truly loves.  Jane and her husband, Neill, are animal lovers and live with Taz, a Manx cat, and his bodyguard Trey, a Bull Mastiff.

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The Fairway Club–  $14 million last year


Jane has a diverse background in the mortgage industry and literally has become proficient with every step of a mortgage loan from origination to closing. She acquired this training, background and experience while self- employed in the mortgage industry for over 20 years serving borrowers that still use her services today at Fairway Mortgage.


Buyer’s name(s): Willie and Linda Wooldridge

Quote from Attorney:  I like your packages and getting the HUD a week in advance was helpful.
Quote from Buyers Agent: If all of my buyers would take my recommendation to use Jane and Dan, my life would be so much easier.
Quote from the buyer:
Fairway Mortgage assisted us in obtaining and closing a mortgage for our Condo in Cornelius, NC. Jane Estes and Dan Boyett provided needed expertise to cut through the red tape associated with obtaining a VA Mortgage. We provided information and they reviewed, organized, and processed that information successfully in a very short period of time. I was amazed at how quickly our loan was approved. They quickly responded to each of my questions and responded with clear and concise instructions. They are professional, knowledgeable, and concerned with representing their clients in the most effective and efficient manner. I would highly recommend Fairway Mortgage to anyone making a home purchase.

Buyer’s name(s): Mercy Thompson
Quote from the buyer: Jane and Dan, Thank goodness you are here! I don’t think I have ever previously had such a pleasant business experience as I have had with you. Thank you Ruth (office MGR F, H, &K)  , Jane, and Charlie for the phone calls and for shifting things around to make this happen. Thank you April (paralegal) for having docs processed quickly and your speedy email response time. Thank you Dan(Jane’s assistant) for agreeing to take time out of your day, away from other closings, to assist with the recording!!! I do trust in your expertise and I couldn’t do this without all of your support. Please know your dedication to your individual positions does not go unnoticed.

Buyer’s name(s): Olajuwon Mahan
Quote from the buyer: Jane Estes and Dan Boyett  were extremely professional but treated me as if I were a friend looking for help.  I can’t thank your company enough for helping me with this process and working so hard to get me the best rates/loans out there.