Stacey Duncan

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NMLS# 70431

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About Stacey Duncan

With over 15 years of real estate lending, finance, coaching and business development experience, Stacey Duncan runs a streamlined real estate lending team within Fairway Independent Mortgage. Striving to ensure that her clients are treated with the utmost client focus, she and her team have built a brand around individualizing the mortgage process and clearing a path to assist her real estate partners with growing their own network in our industry.

Stacey understands that lending and closing is only half of the battle in our industry and utilizes her time where it is best suited, strengthening relationships. Viewing each situation with a glass-half-full approach, Stacey’s drive and initiatives make it a pleasure to work with her and her team. Having cutting-edge technology to make the process a smooth one, offering her clients the best options for their situation, and understanding the sense of urgency that goes behind that care are her top priorities.

Selective with her partnerships, Stacey wants to work with real estate agents that have their business together and want to move to the next level. Side by side with open communication and fostering relationships, she wants to have her team be a second-nature choice for her agents. Lending partners and closing loans are imperative for growth, but being able to think outside of the box when branding, networking and growing your business doesn’t mean reinventing the wheel or even reinventing yourself. It means growing organically and with the right support system.


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